It's no surprise that so many people desire the qualities Hopkins has and want to call Hopkins home. However, while property value growth can be constructive and appealing, it is imperative to offer balanced forms of housing in Hopkins. Hopkins should be a place where all income levels can live and thrive. That's why Heidi will strive to ensure that we maintain affordable and diverse housing options. She won't be silent if gentrification threatens our community, and she will not hesitate to implement changes and policies (such as equity studies for development projects) to ensure that affordability remains.


Did you know that 40% of Hopkins residents are people of color? With the addition of Council Members Balan and Garrido, our City Council is only just now reflective of the diversity our city has. We are a city of many cultures and backgrounds and our city leadership should remain that way as well. As a City Councilperson, Heidi brings diversity and a unique perspective to the Council, and will use her position to ensure that residents that are often left feeling unheard, will finally have a strong voice to speak up for them.


Climate change is real. And while some may think, "We're fine, there's no urgent need to do anything yet.", Heidi disagrees. Hopkins needs a long-term sustainability plan. The time for action is now. Heidi is ready to explore how to help more buildings in Hopkins use solar and other clean energy. She also hopes to engage like-minded residents who care about the environment and want to take action, by creating an advisory board who can offer help and suggestions to the City Council, on how to make Hopkins a more environmentally friendly city.


Many people hold this issue close to their hearts, working day in and day out to find ways to improve the cause. COVID-19 hurt businesses immensely and Hopkins is so incredibly lucky to have the kind of residents who rallied and did everything they could to ensure that our businesses remained lucrative and successful. As we plan for the future, we need to do everything we can to not only retain the businesses here in Hopkins, but to attract and grow new ones! We can achieve this through revitalization of business areas, attracting tourism and events, and looking for state or federal grants to help small businesses stay in business.


Hopkins is appealing for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is how accessible it is. Whether it's one of the multiple trails, city sidewalks, streets, or the upcoming Green Line Extension Light Rail, there's a way to get where you want to go! Heidi is a big advocate for "Complete Streets", a design concept that prioritizes the safety of all people using the street over the speed of moving cars. Creating space for everything from pedestrians, to bikes, to shared mobility methods like scooters, to public transportation, ensures that everyone living in and visiting Hopkins can access our beautiful city!


Here are some other really great ideas and/or needs for Hopkins, that are either important to Heidi or to a resident who asked her to add it to the list!

  • Dog park - a place for the canines of Hopkins to meet and play!

  • Safety - more street lights in residential neighborhoods, louder automated voice and trilling at crosswalks so that the hearing/vision impaired can cross more safely, check on policy/program for snow shoveling to ensure handicap access.

  • Infrastructure - improvement of street surfaces, wastewater and drainage systems.

  • Downtown parking

  • Future of the old theater